How To Level Up on MONSTA-X Official Fancafe

Before you try to level up in the MONSTA-X fancafe, make sure you have a daum account and you've already joined their Fancafe MONSTA-X Official Fancafe

If you want to see photos, updates from MONSTA-X members or do you want to send a special messages to them? all you have to do next is Level-Up, so you will be able to have more access in the forums and most of the parts of Fancafe.

Now, we are ready to apply to Level-Up. 

Go back to the menu bar on the left-hand side. Click on [등업신청]

 Answer the following question, Fill in your personal information.


What's difference between ID and Nickname? : Your Daum ID is the ID you use to log in on the fancafe, and Nickname is the nickname you use around the fancafes.

Make sure you click the padlock closed. If you don't lock the post, everyone will be able to see your personal information. 

Wait, Where's the padlock?

 When you are done, click on the lock button

It might take a day or more to be leveled-up. admins may need more time to process all the applications.

If you leveled-up, you will receive a small notification at the top-left of the fancafe.

Let's support to our boys future debut.                                          

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