Let's Support Kim Seonglee, Produce 101 S2 Trainee (프로듀스 101 S2 - 김성리)

Hellooo guys! Are you a fan of Produce 101 Season 2? hihi... I'm a big fans of this TV show. It's been a while since I watched these type of survival program.


Yes ladies. The first team to performance on stage. They're performing a ballad song. The tittle is If It Is You By Jung Seung Hwan. I'm such a ballad lover, and this song is my jam. I love this song. So far this is the best cover version everrr. The way this team arranged If It Is You with the live band was SO LIT!

Ok. Let me introduce him. His name is 김성리. We can call him Kim Seong Lee (as we can see on the official website of Produce 101 S2) or Kim Seongri. Seong Lee is a trainee from C2K ENT. He was born in 1994 just like me. *Oh.... feeling old*

I just don't know, i naturally fell for him. Because, just Jung Seung Hwan and Seong Lee that makes my tears falling while listening to this song. These two guys are awesome.

I wish that Mnet will give him more screentime, and people will recognize him. In my opinion, he has the best voice more than the others. He is in the 51th rank now. He need to rank up very hard for the chance to debut. But nothing is impossible, even though I can't vote for him, but I also wish for the best result for him. For those who can vote, please vote for him just once, because he has so many talents, and I don't want to see his talents will go to waste. T.T

For you who want to know more about Seong Lee, please follow his Instagram Account. Show your support and love towards him.  


For international fans who can't vote for their rank, we can vote our boy on 101 MA BOY SUPPORT. 101 MA BOY SUPPORT is an online voting. We can vote once every day for the trainees we pick. They will get a gift if they complete all 5 stage. The grand prize is a Coffee Truck.


1. Go to http://101maboy.com/

2. Click 101 마보이 소개

3. Choose our favorite trainees. Click 기획사순 for easy step to find Seong Lee.

4. Click to his name 김성리

5. Click 101 마보이 후원하러가기

6. Log In into your Facebook Account (If you are not logged in into your facebook account on your phone or computer)
Click 101 마보이 후원하기 (If you already logged in into your facebook account)

7. Click 확인

That's it. So easy right? If you already vote him, remember that you can't vote again in the same day.

He only cleared stage 1 which is so far behind from other popular trainees. Please support him. Your vote is precious for him.


Dear Kim Seong Lee.
Do not give up.
Do not lose hope.
I will always support you.
Do not give up on your dream, no matter how difficult it is.
You will do great, just believe in yourself.
Sincerely, me. ❤   


YEAYYY.. Seong Lee finally cleared stage 1 guys! Thank you so much for those who help to vote him on 101maboy. Here's Seong Lee's Thank You Video For Maboy Support.


Too bad that he got eliminated :'( 
I'm so sad... Like... he has good voice, he can dance and he has beautiful face. I'm so upset....
I still support you, Seong Lee. I still waiting you for your debut. I will be so happy if he debut as a ballad solo singer because you know that I'm a ballad lover and his voice is my type. We will always waiting you to return in the entertainment industry. Go kill it, Seong Lee!

Ahh. wait guys! I wanna tell you a story. A few days ago, I found Seong Lee's Facebook Account. I adding him as a friend, and he accepted my friend request. OMG it feels like you have a crush on someone you've never ever talked to before and finally there's a way to talking with him. I always seeing him online on facebook because I think he didn't turn off his chat. But I never message him, I just don't know how to say because my korean language is so bad. I can read hangul but I can't write it. It's so hard having an idol from different country. I know that there's many people who sending him messages. GOD I'm such a coward... :'( I always saw him online at night or midnight around 2AM KST. I'm so happy that I can see him online, because you know that we can't see him on the TV Program again. But........... last night, his account is dissapear. I don't know if he delete his account or just inactive. But fortunately, his instagram account is still active. 


Yeayyy.. Good News... I think he reactived his facebook account guys! *yippieee*. Feel free to add Seong Lee's Facebook Account and also join to his Official Fancafe on http://cafe.daum.net/seonglee.

ByTheWay, special for you, who support Seong Lee from the start, vote him on Ma Boy, or all the korean fans that giving him vote, I just wanna say thank you so much for the support, for the time, just believe that Seong Lee will be a Superstar one day. 

For the bonus, here's a special song for you. Yes, He's featured in this song. Enjoy!

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